Friday, February 09, 2007

Java isDate() Function Anyone?

From my earlier "pre-category" blog, this post was written when deep into the lack of a Java isDate() function:

New to Java, but learning fast and definitely experiencing the "Paradigm Shift", however I find it odd that there is no isDate() function like there is in Visual Basic.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I ran into a Java Date Conversion issue where the date format that I was expecting and turned out in the live data tests, to be a different format. This was after building over 500 test cases that test each of the business rules programmed into a Drools Rules (now Jboss) processor.

So obviously, I want to have all possible date formats accounted for so the solution is to have a function that loops through each of the possible date formats and check if the string parses into a valid Date object using that particular SimpleDateFormat.

I know this can be done using try-catch blocks, but I want to create a more elegant approach calling my custom isDate() function.

Checking aroung Javalobby and other places to see if anyone has already solved this, or if I need to create from scratch.