Monday, September 25, 2006

Java and Study Technology

Learning Java is easy. That is if you know the secret to learning. I did a course called the Student Hat which is a Scientology course that teaches you how to study and ever since then, I've been able to learn ANY subject.

I was reading up on the difference between Abstraction and Interfaces today and was having a difficult time grasping it. Then I realized I didn't know what the word "Abstraction" meant. So I looked up this word, used it in sentences until I felt good about it and then carried on reading. The rest of the material made total sense and was not difficult to grasp any longer.

The secret of learning any subject is found in the Three Barriers to Study. There are several courses that you can do at any Scientology organization, starting with the Basic Study Manual or Learning How to Learn, all the way up to the Student Hat course and Key To Life course.

Doing these courses you can arm yourself with the skills to learn any subject, literally.