Friday, December 22, 2006

Customer Data Integration (CDI) Can't Decipher It

I'm drowning in the sea of Customer Data Integration solutions, Data Librarians, Data Stewards, Registry hubs, Persistant hubs or Hybirds. Above is a good review of the basics of the problem domain. Key players are the Oracle Customer Data Hub, Siperian, Purisma and possibly the recent Sun aquisition - SeeBeyond.

"Oracle leads in customer data integration. Oracle has assembled the broadest set of components, from data quality, to matching, to customer key management, to process integration, to ongoing monitoring and management."—Forrester Research

Customer knowledge is the lifeblood of the enterprise. And customer knowledge begins with a unified, reconciled source of high-quality customer data—provided only by the Oracle Customer Data Hub.
Oracle Customer Data Hub is a fully integrated customer data management solution that centralizes, de-duplicates, and enriches your customer data, continuously synchronizing with all your data sources, to give you a single view of your customers. As new data comes in, reporting accuracy grows, analytics become more valuable, employee productivity increases, and day-to-day customer relationships improve.
Reading Jill Dyche's new book, Customer Data Integration is my life preserver. Talking to salespeople has led to further confusion and contradictory statements about each others products.

Gartner's findings of May 2006 on CDI may already be outdated with the fastly evolving market.