Thursday, January 04, 2007

ISAL Rate Calculator - Download it here

If you are a mailer who has ever sent out ISAL (International Surface to Air Lift) mailings you know the postal form can be quite a pain to fill out. To simplify this for myself and for anyone else who is interested, I've made an Excel spreadsheet that contains the latest ISAL rates for each ISAL Zone as well as the calculations for the per piece and per pound costs. This is set up so all you have to do is enter the weight of the mailpiece (in ounces) and enter how many pieces are going to each ISAL Zone. Here is a view of this tool that you can download below and use:

Download the ISAL Rate Calculator here.

Just enter the weight and pieces for each ISAL Zone in yellow. If you get an ISAL Discount you can edit this cell as well. Your final ISAL cost will show up in the blue cell.

This can be used to help you fill in the USPS Postal Form for International mail (PS FORM 3650).

If you downloaded this ISAL Rate Calculator and it worked for you, let me know.

Here is the current link to the USPS ISAL Page where the latest rates for each ZONE can be found. Note there is a new ISAL Zone for Australia as of May 14th, 2007.