Sunday, January 28, 2007

Data Governance - IT or Business?

"Where does Data Governance fit into the Organization?"

This question appears to have two answers. "In Business" or "In IT". The answer I get most often when I ask the question is ... "In Business". Or "Business should own Data Governance".

I wish it was that simple.

What exactly does it mean for Data Governance to fit "In Business"?

This article seemed to take up the questions posed in my last post. The last paragraph sums it up and answers this question.

The best answer to the question "Where does Data Governance fit into the Organization?" is "It doesn't matter". Data Governance can be successful when managed by a business area or by an IT area.

The decision of who will manage the Data Governance program can be very important to the success of the program. However, it will not necessarily make or break a well-defined Data Governance program's likelihood of success. As long as the business areas and IT areas coordinate their efforts, use a Data Governance Council as a strategic resource, cooperate in strategic data management activities, and act in the best interests of the organization (data-wise), the placement of the management of the Data Governance program is not nearly the most important question that needs to be answered.